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Health & Fitness Coach Emily Samson

A little about me

Hi, I'm Emily! I was born and raised in London. I spent my early years in sports teams at school and then later became a 'gym goer' after graduating from uni and working in the city. I was always quite active but as I got older, city working and living started to have an effect, I often felt tired and I easily gained weight. So I made the decision to make a change - I discovered resistance training and gained knowledge about nutrition and I saw many positive changes to my body and lifestyle. 

My goal now is to transfer this knowledge to my clients and help them improve the quality of their lifestyle.

Knowing the obstacles that can be encountered in daily modern living having been through it all myself (lack of time, poor nutrition options, mobility issues from sitting down all day etc) - I specialise in motivating clients who encounter various challenges and assist them with making the changes they need to achieve their goals through physical exercise, nutrition and looking at other affecting but as important factors like stress and sleep. 

I believe in lifting heavy things to build lean muscle, improve posture and prevent common ailments we might encounter later in old age, mixed with HIIT to get a time efficient workout with results in fitness and fat loss. If your muscles are strong then you're great at every day tasks (such as tackling tube stairs or carrying heavy shopping bags), you’re less likely to get injured, your muscles will burn fat & you’ll feel great about yourself! With nutrition - there's so much conflicting information out there today - when really it's not rocket science. I want to pass on everything I've learned to people who are in the same situation I was back then, but in a fraction of the time it took me! I look forward to meeting you and helping you put a plan into action!

  • Fitness Instructor REPS Level 2 (Anatomy & Physiology)

  • Personal Trainer REPS Level 3 (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology)

  • Nutrition For Sport & Exercise

  • Nutrition For Weight Loss

  • Core Stability

  • Pre & Post Natal

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Each session lasts 1 hour and is tailored towards your personal goals.

I offer a complimentary consultation lasting approximately 45 mins. This is a chance for us to meet, for you to ask me any questions, we'll discuss your goals and do a short workout. All this information will be used to build a program specific for you so we can hit the ground running in your first session.

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