Holidays & Exercise/Nutrition


My last day in New York where we've been for a long weekend - it's been amazing, I love this city! Went to Shadow Box this morning as I just really enjoy smashing the bag and doing loads of burpees...


H o l i d a y s & E x e r c i s e • Do you still exercise & keep an eye on your nutrition whilst on holiday? Or do you take a holiday from all that too? Of course it's so important to rest and relax when you're away, but when it comes to staying healthy - the key aspect for me is that I don't go sod it & let my holiday completely derail everything I'm working towards. Whilst being away this weekend, I haven't stressed out about workouts and instead we've done lots of walking & today was my first 'proper' workout since last Thursday. Sometimes it's great to do something different anyway and give yourself a break from the norm & being regimented. We're staying in a hotel & I definitely haven't woken up every morning to do HIIT in my room. If you're somewhere hot then try something like paddle boarding or swimming in the sea....or if in a city then just walk everywhere! If you've been training for a holiday, & you're not usually a regular exerciser, then I think the more active you can be on your holiday then the more likely you are to make it a part of your life when you get back.

H o l i d a y s & F o o d • I can't have my food planned like I would do at home, but I've tried to keep my protein & green veg intake up as much as possible and I've been drinking lots of water. So I don't feel guilty about some of things I've eaten this weekend (pancakes! 😍) as I know overall it's not a big deal. SO on your holiday!! It doesn't need to be all or nothing....just do your best where possible...and enjoy!