Mobility - how important is it?


🙆 M O B I L I T Y 🙆

In the past 3 months, I've made 2 changes: 1) I've been dedicating about 10 mins before every workout to mobility training and 2) I've been doing yoga twice a week for approx. 45 mins/1 hr (sometimes in my house/garden from a youtube video - free & easy!).

What a difference it has made! Stretching used to never really be part of my workout apart from a bit of foam rolling on a rest day and being seated at a desk for so long leads to tight hip flexors, lazy glutes & rounded shoulders. I had major issues squatting properly, gained a serious shoulder injury lifting with bad upper body posture and had a constant niggle round my right shoulder blade which sometimes turned into a sharp pain when doing particular movements.

I've really started to reap the rewards of all this mobility work, safely lifting heavier than before, my squats are much deeper than they used to be and my core is the strongest it's ever been. My posture has hugely improved and I'm burning more fat at rest from stronger muscle.

So if you choose to start incorporating mobility into your workouts, try not to see this as a chore but a complementary part of whatever other activity you are doing! Here's a typical mobility warm up I use:

Lower body:

- 3 points contact on the floor front/centre/back - 10 reps (straight legs/soft knees - stretch out back of legs) - Walk out - 5 reps - High plank - right foot to right hand & stretch right arm behind you (same for left) - Cossack squat - 5 reps each leg - Squat hold - 15 secs x 3 (deepen every 5 secs if you can) I then activate glutes using a band which also raises heart rate for warming up - usually lateral walks, kickbacks, clams etc

Upper body- broomstick drills (there are loads of others you can do but here's an example): - Hold the stick in front of you resting on your thighs with a wide grip, keeping arms straight roll it up above your head, round and down your back as far as it can go - but don't arch and don't force x 10 - your range should increase by the tenth rep - Keeping arms straight roll stick to the left and up behind your head, same on the right side x 10