The 5 best lessons I've learned to do with 'weight' (fat) loss

Having spent 10 years working in the city post-uni, I've experienced how detrimental working in an office can be to your health if you allow it: busy, tired, chained to the desk, no time to work out....having to attend big dinners and drinks parties which don't help the waistline!

It's just a case of getting the knowledge. I definitely initially didn't have the knowledge when I was in the office! And I easily gained weight, felt tired, didn't sleep well, felt a bit shit. Yet I slowly started to gain more and more knowledge, a clearer picture....and actually - it's not rocket science! 

I won't hold you up here with my story - check out my website for more info. I am now on a mission to help people who are in the position I was in back then sieve through the incredible amount of BS in the fitness industry, translate it, break it down and ultimately GAIN knowledge so they can help themselves to work their busy jobs and still be as healthy as possible!



1. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO HOURS OF CARDIO TO LOSE WEIGHT AND STAY IN SHAPE! I used to be a slave to my spin bike and never really see any difference in my physique. Once I started to incorporate weights in my workouts I started to see a big difference! Not only do weights nicely shape your bod - resistance training builds lean muscle tissue which ramps your entire metabolism - so you become a fat burning machine ALL the time! It also helps with things like bone density which will help us maintain posture & strength into old age. Even if you are training for say a marathon - so long cardio sessions are your thing - you can still benefit from strength training for speed and power! 

2. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CUT CALORIES TO A RIDICULOUSLY LOW AMOUNT TO LOSE WEIGHT! I used to also think the less I ate, the more I would burn: energy in vs energy out right? Whilst that equation is true and if you did this you would probably initially lose some fat....when you cut your calories SO low (like 1000 cals or less), your body finds it hard to function normally and starts to think something serious is up. Ultimately your whole metabolism will slow down and your clever body will actually put the brakes on you burning fat! The good news is - your body needs fuel to burn fat - you only need to be in a slight calorie deficit but it will happen. So you don't have to starve yourself! woohoo! This leads on nicely to......

3. YOU DO NEED TO BE DISCIPLINED AND CONSISTENT TO SEE CHANGE. This is why FADS DO NOT WORK. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes and that's why the fitness industry makes so much money off bullshit teas, juice detoxes and '2 weeks to a 6-pack' programs. It's not what you want to hear but you need to give yourself at least 8-12 weeks following a proper training and nutrition program with as much discipline and consistency as you can to see real results. The best thing is - you're more likely to keep these results if you know you're going on holiday in 3 months - don't leave it to 2 weeks before and live off 1 lettuce leaf a day. Start now and you'll look banging! 

4. CARBS ARE NOT (NECESSARILY) THE ENEMY! I did paleo for probably about 3 years in the city. I was a bit miserable yes. I was training quite hard but for only about 1 hour a day. My step count was low and my 'NEAT' (non-activity movement) was non-existent. I didn't really need very many carbs to be honest - so you do have to match your carb level to your activity level. BUT, carb sources such as brown rice, sweet potato, cous cous etc (not really bread and pasta sadly) are healthy, will fuel you, keep you full for a while and can keep you sane!! My carb level was about 50g a day back then and I reckon I could have taken it to at least 100g with a bit of extra movement such as walking. It's part of a bigger picture and you must make sure you're getting protein and healthy fat in too for fuel. Rather that than you have a break down and eat KFC.

5. YOUR MOUTH IS YOUR OWN AND ONLY YOU CONTROL WHAT GOES IN IT! I experienced 'friendly' peer pressure when I started to overhaul my diet and eat healthily. I never ate any of the biscuits or cake in the office and I really cut down on drinking at lunch or even in the evenings after work. This is a big area where I find my clients fall down and it does take time to make progress with this one. You have to realise that - there are NO RULES about what should and shouldn't be done. YOU have the power to decide what you eat or drink and no one else. This isn't the playground - you are an adult. If people give you jip then you have to work on not giving a shit. After a while they will leave you alone or just get used to the fact that they cannot press you into doing the same as them. The bottom line is - how badly do you want to change compare to joining in with your colleagues cheeky snack break?


So that's it - the best and biggest lessons I've learned in my journey so far. I'm always learning but these are the ones I feel can really make a difference if you are looking for somewhere to start. Look them up, read about them, ask questions. Learn learn learn. Feel free to email me with any thoughts or questions! Good luck ;)