Modern Living: Ways to help calm a stressed out mind!


If you're anything like me, my mind is usually charging around at full pace every day on various things I've got going on. It's easy to feel quickly overwhelmed! I've been meditating for a couple of years now using the app Buddify (which is amazing by the way especially if you're new to it - lots of long & short meditations for different situations). Taking a short break in your day, even 5 mins to clear your head can be really helpful. It doesn't have to be a daily thing or a huge deal. I'm not a regular meditator - just when I feel I need it - there's no right or wrong practice! I often use a sleep meditation from Buddify when going to bed if my mind is not switching off and I'm usually asleep in 5 mins.

Another way I like to calm my mind is by finding an amazing view to stare at. Of course holidays are our way of getting away from it all and we can usually stare at a beautiful vista for days - but what about when you're not on holiday? One of my favourite places in London to go is Primrose Hill. The view of London from the top of the hill puts things in perspective and always gives me some headspace. The other place I love to go is Wapping down by the River Thames where I used to live - the view of Tower Bridge and up river is so cool - but really any view along the river is amazing.

There's lots of research on the fact that water is calming for the mind - not that we necessarily need it as we all know staring out to sea can be very therapeutic! There's a marine biologist in the US who has written a book called 'a blue mind' which looks at ancient rituals and believes human brains are hardwired to react positively to water - any water!

So this means that if you're feeling stressed out, seek a view with some water, go swimming, go paddle boarding or even take a shower or a bath!

Building rituals which your mind can recognise as soothing I've found can really help in switching off for bit which is so helpful in this fast paced lifestyle we lead!