Class Review: AGOGA, Sydney

I’m a big advocate of resting your body and doing different things when on holiday like paddle boarding, city cycling or simply walking loads to sightsee. However, wherever I can, when I travel I also love to try out local fitness classes. I’m spending Christmas and New Year in Sydney with my family and this morning I tried out AGOGA in Bondi.


This is hands down one of the hardest but best classes I’ve ever done. I got an inkling it would be as I saw the people leaving the class before mine all in amazing shape AND looking like they’d just had their arses handed to them. 50 minutes of functional plyometrics, strength and HIIT cardio work where you’ll ‘train like an athlete’. Our trainer was Veronika - a MMA (Mixed Martial Art) trainer from the Czeck Republic who had designed this workout based on the training programs she gives to her athletes. Strong.

The studio is ground level near Bondi Junction but dark with low level lighting inside. Reception is on your right as you enter along with big blackboards chalked up with the day's workouts - Crossfit style. Cable pulley machines line two sides of the room whilst Woodway treadmills line the back wall.  Ceiling to floor mirrors cover all the walls (so you can check yourself out whilst you’re dying, yesss).


We did AGOGA Signature. The class is divided into 5 sections with warm up & cool down, plus we took about 5 mins at the start getting a demo of all the movements:

  • (A) 1 min - plyometrics (think bear crawls with jumps & kicks thrown in)
  • (G) 7 mins - strength (using pulley machines, bosus and vipers to target full body….I’m not a fan of vipers but we didn’t do any of that weird viper stuff)
  • (O) 15 mins - HIIT Cardio (absolute killer. Mostly floor & bodyweight work but with some treadmill sprints & skipping thrown in. 1 burpee consisted of: star jump-press up-mountain climbers-tuck jump)
  • (G) 7 mins - strength
  • (A) 1 min - plyometric finisher


The theory is you use all 3 energy systems from initial CP, into anaerobic then aerobic so a big fat burner, plus improving ‘athletic' fitness. It was seriously tough, a bit gritty and pushed me to my absolute limit. Even with the support of my extra Christmas calories I felt like I’d used everything in the tank!

My only issue was that it’s 35 degrees in Sydney today and the air con was pretty poor so it was BOILING. Otherwise there were only 10 of us in the class so Veronika was pretty good at knowing our names and coming round to give us a motivational push which was required as there was no actual rest apart from changing equipment. Though I always think this makes the class go faster as you have less time to slow down & think about it!


Great full body blast covering everything I love in a class. Whilst I was doing it I swore to myself I would never come to this class again but now I’ve finished, of course I think it’s amazing and can’t wait to go again! Definitely one to try if you ever find yourself down under!!