1-2-1 Personal Training

Please contact me for pricing and block packages. I also offer 3 month body transformations which includes in-depth nutritional advice.

Location: North / East London.


2-2-1 Personal Training

Training with a friend or partner is motivating and fun! Contact me for pricing & block packages.

Location: North / East London.


Groups, Bootcamps & Corporate

Are there 3 or more of you who want to train? I can come to your house, office or a park near you and set up a bootcamp or HIIT class depending on your time available and what you want!

Please contact me for more information.



I am qualified in Pre and Post Natal Personal Training and having had my son Max in December 2018 - I have been through it all myself! I exercised up to 1 week before I gave birth. I then followed a pelvic floor rehab program post birth, starting a gentle exercise routine after my doctor 6 week check and building on that ever since!

Pre-Natal Training

Pregnancy is a time to be active - not a time to just do nothing! There are so many positive reasons to exercise during pregnancy and unless there's a medical reason - you can do what you've always been doing. You just need to be mindful of a few things and modify as you go through your pregnancy.

Post-Natal Training

Your body has been through a lot! Carrying a growing baby for almost 10 months, the birth and then healing whilst dealing with a newborn. There will be some physical changes that have occurred from this incredible event! Rushing back into training at this point is not kind on the body BUT there are things you can do! I recommend going to see a women's health physio and then working with a qualified coach to help you rehab safely and correctly.

Please contact me for more information.


Online Training

Comes in blocks of 4 weeks (4/8/12/16 etc) and includes exercise plan, nutritional advice and contact time with me over Skype and email. 

Please contact me for more information.


Nutritional Advice

To secure results in fitness and fat loss, nutrition plays an essential part. With personal training sessions you will receive a certain element of assistance with your nutrition. If you would like a more in-depth plan and tracking system please contact me for more information.